Friday, June 5, 2015

My Indiegogo Campaign Ends, But the Show's Not Over, Folks! A Big THANK YOU!!!

Hey guys, happy Friday!  My Indiegogo campaign has finally ended... after pouring months of my life into this project it feels a little bittersweet that it's over now.  But not to fret, the show must go on... literally!  A big THANK YOU-GRACIAS-MERCI-GRAZIE-OBRIGADA (and many more) to everyone for being so generous and supportive over the past 35 days.  We raised $2,809 which will go towards helping me create and produce this travel show, buying the necessary equipment, hiring the right team of people, and ultimately getting a network to buy it. Keep following my blog as I start the next leg of my adventures in Africa and the Middle East.  Stay tuned!  :)